We are a small SISTER owned neighborhood toy shop in Decatur, GA | OPEN MON-SAT 10a-6p, CLOSED SUN | MASKS REQUIRED in-shop
We are a small SISTER owned neighborhood toy shop in Decatur, GA | OPEN MON-SAT 10a-6p, CLOSED SUN | MASKS REQUIRED in-shop
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Bowls and Acorns

Bowls and Acorns

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Grapat is a family-run toy maker in Spain. This wonderful little company is all about free, unstructured play with high quality wooden materials. From Grapat's infamously popular "Nins" (little wooden gnome people) or their colorful and varied mandala-making shapes, Grapat is a staple in Waldorf and Montessori classrooms. Bring home a rainbow of creativity and imagination by incorporating Grapat toys in your child's playtime.

These colorful little bowls of acorns can be used in endless ways! Perfect as pretend snacks, gardening play, counting and sorting games, or in conjunction with other pieces from Grapat's beautiful assortment of Mandala-making shapes. This set will make you feel like you're at a Korean restaurant with all the fun little bowls of yummy treats out on the table.

Each set comes with six bowls and 36 acorns (6 of each color) as well as a set of tongs. The use of the tongs in early childhood is shown to improve concentration and fine motor skills. Plus, what's more fun than trying to serve acorns to your teddy bears one by one with a pair of tongs?! 

All of the toys are presented with no set of instructions that will give your child the autonomy and creativity to do with them what comes to mind. They are not subject to standards or rules of any kind, as long as, of course, they have a safe environment.

The pieces at Grapat are unique; they are painted by hand with degraded colors inspired by nature. The finishing of the articles is made with vegetable waxes and oils, so they are entirely safe to play with. Part of the goal that comes along with the pieces is to improve learning, creativity, and motor skills, which is why one of their collaborators is Growing with Montessori.

The variety of Grapat's toys is so wide you can choose from it depending on what you are looking for. For example, the Natural Rattle for age +0 months, that will help your baby improve visual development and depth perception.  Or the Platform 4 seasons and the houses, for age +12 months that will give them the freedom to build their own town or city with as many colors, people, and diversions that they can imagine. All of their toys are considered open-ended, which means there is no specific role to maintain, and your child´s playtime will always be taken with a big “Yes.” Everything is possible for them.

As your child creates new worlds with these pieces, naturally, the colors will fade, and some marks will come up in the wood. This is an excellent stage for them because, just as in life, marks, wrinkles, scars, should be celebrated as they come from life. The goal is to have enjoyed them as much as possible and use them for as long as they want.

Recommended for ages 3 years and up. Made in Spain.