Cascarones : confetti eggs
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Cascarones : confetti eggs

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If you haven't ever celebrated with Cascarones- we think you should give them a try!  

Cascarones are egg shells (yep real ones) filled with paper confetti.  Traditionally they are used to safely smoosh over heads to give a confetti shower to friends and family.  We love to celebrate birthdays, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, or any special day with an outdoor egg party!  Plus they are a colorful addition to the Easter basket.  These confetti eggs never disappoint!  


handmade in Mexico, Biodegradable and compostable

***Please know that these are incredibly fragile.  You may receive a broken egg or two, this is normal.  We try to pack these as carefully as possible but due to their fragile nature, you may get a broken egg (s).  They are still fun!