Chill Kid Herbal Extract
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Chill Kid Herbal Extract

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Chill Kid is a blend of gentle yet effective herbs for calming little one's nervous system. It's perfect for all those times when they just need to bring it down a notch. Be it wired and tired, sugar crashing, teething, or just generally fussy. This formula helps the little ones get back to balance. These herbs are also great at easing a wide range of belly discomforts. Two formulas in one! It contains Milky Oats *, Skullcap*, Catnip*, Organic Chamomile, Organic vegetable glycerine, and water.

Heartsong Herbs is a small batch tincture company located in our own town of Athens, Ga. They grow the vast majority of the herbs in their formulas using methods that exceed organic standards. Soil health determines the health and vibrancy of herbs and so they choose no-till, permanent raised beds that are heavily mulched with compost. These growing practices make for high quality, potent herbs. The tinctures are lovingly made using non-GMO organic cane alcohol and organic vegetable glycerine. Heartsong Herbs believe that plant medicine has the power to heal not only the physical body but the spirit as well. We are so excited to carry their wonderful and lovingly crafted tinctures. 

*= Grown by Heartsong Herbs using only organic methods.