Green Bean XL Dump Truck
Green Bean XL Dump Truck

Green Bean XL Dump Truck

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Scoop it up, drive away and dump it! This large Dantoy dump truck with movable dumper has large wheels with which the truck can drive well through the sand. Because of the round robust design, the dumper is already suitable for children from the age of two years. 

The toy is made of bioplastic and contains no phthalates, perfumes, BPA or other types of harmful substances!

What's Bioplastic?
Bioplastic is made from the eco-friendly material sugar cane. This plant absorbs CO2 from the air and the sugar cane fields can be harvested several times a year. Toys are harvested every 6-12 months, only after 5-7 years new sugar cane plants are planted. Dantoy is also the first toy manufacturer in Scandinavia with the Nordic Eco-label!