Hiking Bundle

Hiking Bundle

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Campers Delight! Take a hike with Big Brother and Big Sister Mouse! They like setting up their weather-resistant tent and sleeping bags each night after finding the perfect campsite. They hang their rechargeable flashlight from the top of the tent, so they can see in the dark to read or play cards! Camping is a rich concept for children’s imagination, connecting them to a variety of subjects they’re interested in (nature, family, animals, socializing, or food). When kids make up their own stories, they’re encouraged to use verbal language, literacy skills, and experience the creative process. Use this adorable accessory to spark all sorts of storytelling and dramatic play adventures, from building a pretend campfire with blocks, to writing a new spooky tale, to drawing a map of the woods!

*The new Hiker Mice Bundle differs from the image. The tent is a slightly different color and both Hiker Mouse Boy & Hiker Mouse Girl have new camping outfits. We have included images of the updated toys.