Plus Plus Inspired | Monet
Plus Plus Inspired | Monet
Plus Plus Inspired | Monet
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Plus Plus Inspired | Monet

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Observe, admire, and create with the Plus-Plus Inspired® series. Iconic works of art, like Klimt’s The Kiss, have delighted viewers worldwide for ages. Now, let this masterpiece inspire you to make something uniquely yours to enjoy at home or in the office. With Plus-Plus Inspired, the only instruction is to exercise your imagination. Go ahead, take a creative adventure with these timeless masterpieces and discover new possibilities all your own. Included is an engaging leaflet about this artwork, the artist, and ideas to help inspire your own creations.

The Plus-Plus Inspired series honors famous cultural expressions through unique color palettes. Each item is inspired by an artwork, architectural design, or landmark. The Inspired series offers completely open-ended creativity for both Kids & 'Kidults'.

How does Claude Monet's The Japanese Footbridge inspire you?
From building his own Japanese-style bridge in the French countryside and painting his pond garden over 250 times, to an unusual urge to capture the fleeting effects of light and color, Claude Monet was an inspired man. He was compelled to depart from classical painting methods by quickly dabbing paint onto the canvas in order to document how the natural world looked in that unique moment of time. The resulting images, called "impressions", also used color to create definition instead of black lines. This new method allowed him to produced multiple paintings of one scene as he observed changing lighting conditions throughout the day. He painted the scene of his Japanese inspired bridge at least 18 different times. Several of Monet's paintings have become some of the most iconic and valuable works of art in the world, yet he considered his garden to be his greatest masterpiece.

The Japanese Footbridge
Oil on canvas, c. 1899
32 x 40 in / 81.3 x 101.6 cm
National Gallery of Art (Washington D.C., United States)

b. 1840, Paris, France; d. 1926, Giverny, France