Slack Rack
Slack Rack
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Slack Rack

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Don’t have a large enough outdoor space for a slackline? Want to take your slackline to the beach, park, or a friend’s house? Then this Slackers Portable Slack Rack is for you! Now kids can go mobile with their slackline—improve balance and core strength indoors or outdoors, in small or large spaces. The slackline is simple to set up; just attach the two bases with rubberized feet to a standard 4x4 from your local hardware store, connect the slackline for an adjustable 6- to 12-foot length, and enjoy some air time anywhere! For ages 5 and up; maximum weight 250 lbs. Adult supervision required.

  • Includes 13' Slackline
  • Purchase your own 4' x 4' wood beam (6'-12')
  • Indoor or outdoot use. No trees needed!
  • Build core strength, balance, and concentration
  • Safe assembly - 1' of height makes it safe for ages 5+
  • Use for parties, events, school gyms, in your own backyard