Stickiville Stickers | Dino-Mite!

Stickiville Stickers | Dino-Mite!

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Kidosauruses everywhere will adore this dino-mite sticker sheet from the Stickiville collection. These whimsical puffy stickers feature a variety of cutie dinosaur characters. It’s the perfect way for your child to show off their dino-cred!

The dinosaurs in Stickiville are not only adorable, they also dig rock n’ roll—at least according to this sweet sticker sheet! It features a dinosaur jamming on his electric guitar, a surfing stegosaurus, a skateboarding brontosaurus, and so much more! These puffy stickers are a darling little gift for any dino-loving kiddo, and are perfect for decorating notebooks, lockers, and other things in need of some Jurassic personality!