Art Classes + Summer Camps

At TREEHOUSE, our mission is always to provide our families with a fun and safe creative opportunity.  With that being said we have been considering the current state of the pandemic and again keeping everyone's safety in mind.  We have decided to continue with our VIRTUAL programming.  We have had such a successful track record and feel that it’s the best option for everyone and we know that we can bring our awesomeness.

We have already (very excitedly) started prepping summer camp kits, I know this sounds crazy right?  We have come up with such a fun plan and assortment of unique and art filled camps that will keep your kiddos inspired throughout the summer.  

Check our calendar and come join us for an inspiring summer!

*PLEASE NOTE: This will direct you to the Treehouse (ATHENS) website, just choose Decatur pick-up!

What can you expect from a virtual TREEHOUSE camp?

Awesomeness, pure awesomeness :)
Our camps are a 3 hour art-filled creative experience.  We have an incredible team of qualified Art instructors who fill the days with amazing projects, fun, song, story time, art games, and creative learning opportunities all via ZOOM.  Zoom has allowed our students to socialize with other students which is something we all need right now!  

Each week will have a mix of unique process-based projects that we have designed to create in a home setting and are easily translated via zoom.   Most days we will complete 3-4 projects.  Our team prepares each project with care and labels it so it is easy to find and understand. 


If I sign up for a camp, what do we get?

Each camp box will come with some special TREEHOUSE goodies.  This year we will include a locally printed ARTIST trucker hat, TREEHOUSE-made play clay, collage fixin's, and a TREEHOUSE bag of fun.  

The box will also be filled with all of the TREEHOUSE prepared projects.  We provide some unique materials and supplies.  

Campers will be responsible to have some staple materials that will be communicated closer to the date of camp.  We try to have these be art materials that you already have. 

Do I need to provide anything?

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to go purchase zillion dollars worth of supplies!  Staple materials are art materials that many of you have at home like; glue, scissors, markers, crayons, or scissors.  If it’s something really special we will include it in the camp box.   

What if I don’t have any art materials at home?

We have designed our camps to use minimal art materials to make them affordable for families.  A week before your camp starts we will give you a short list of materials for you to have on hand.  Our camp boxes come with prepared and organized projects and some art materials.  

My kiddo is 4, do you really expect he/she/they to do a zoom class?

We know it may sound crazy but our success rate from the past year has been amazing.  Our instructors have done an incredible job in keeping kids engaged in projects.  It’s quite astonishing!

What if I miss a day of class or camp? 

We will be sending links for each class at the end of each camp in the event that you miss one.  We understand that things come up and we hope that this is a helpful option for you to “make up”

Do your camps fill up?

Yes, we are very grateful for this!  This is our 12th year of doing camps and thankfully so many families have loved their camps here!  We always encourage families to sign up early, we really hate when we have to turn kids away!

So your camps are virtual, do cap your classes at a certain size?

Yes, absolutely.  We know that many online outlets allow lots and lots of kids in their classes because they are virtual.  Technically we can but, it is very important for us to keep the small class size experience true, just as we would in our own classroom.  Our classes are typically around 10-12 kids with a couple of teachers :)

What is your return policy if we can no longer do a camp that we have signed up for?

First of all, bummer!  If you cancel your camp prior to 2 weeks before your camp starts we can offer you a refund, less a security deposit.  We do keep a deposit of $50 for all cancellations.  We put a ton of energy into prepping each craft kit, we hope you understand.  We will refund you the remaining amount to your original method of payment.  If you cancel after the 2 week window before camp start date, the camp fee will be put into our scholarship fund.