My Baking Oven w/ Magic Cookies
My Baking Oven w/ Magic Cookies

My Baking Oven w/ Magic Cookies

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1. Flick the switch at the bottom of the oven to turn it on. It will enter stand-by mode after the start-up music plays for 3 seconds.

2. Put the cookies into the oven and close the door. The light inside will turn on automatically, together with a clicking sound. After 20 seconds, the light and clicking sound turn off automatically after a “ting“ alert. Take the cookies out and you’ll find that their graphics have changed some of their colours. Open the door at any time while the light is on and the oven will enter the stand-by mode again and play another notification sound effect.

3. Keep the cookies outside of the oven for another 30 seconds and they will gradually return to their original colours.

4. The oven will turn off automatically when the battery power runs out. Please change the batteries before re-activating again.

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