Project UFO (Choose your own Adventure Book 27)

Project UFO (Choose your own Adventure Book 27)

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"You're About to Embark on a Dangerous Mission!" An elite group of scientists has invited you to assist them on their project to study UFOs. You've always been interested in communicating with other life forms in the universe. Now you'll actually have the chance to explore a real UFO. But as soon as you land your spaceship on an enormous UFO in space, three sinister-looking robots approach. They're about to take you captive--what should you do?

If you reach the weapon attached to one of the robots, turn to page 72. If you wait to see what happens, turn to page 56. Be careful! In space you could encounter creatures with spear-shaped heads, or you could instantly evaporate!

What happens next in the story depends on the choices you make. Only you can find out how the story ends. And the best part is that you can keep reading and reareading until you've had not one but many incredibly daring experiences!