Secret Operation - Bilingual Game

Secret Operation - Bilingual Game

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  • SEMI-COOPERATIVE CARD GAME WITH HIDDEN ROLES – Players assume a secret role as either one of the engineers building the BZ1 robot or as one of the hackers sabotaging construction. By cleverly collaborating with trusted colleagues you will learn who is a friend and who is a foe.
  • SET LOGIC TRAPS AND DEDUCTION TO NAIL DOWN THE HACKERS - Players will use their memory and reasoning skills to set smart traps that will help them to identify lies and deceit by the hackers and trustworthy collaborators.
  • GAME SCALES PERFECTLY - Player counts can range between 4-10 players. The rules perfectly adjust to the players count. The greater the number of engineers, the more hackers are lurking to sabotage the operation requiring tighter collaboration and more sophisticated traps to nail down the hackers.
  • PLAY IN MINUTES HAVE FUN FOR HOURS- With its simple rules , you can learn and play the game within minutes. As you hone your skills, you will enjoy playing Secret Operation again and again for hours of fun, suspense and great laughs with family and friends.
  • FOR 4-10 PLAYERS, AGES 10+, FUN FOR FAMILIES, FRIENDS ANYWHERE – Enjoy a sense of healthy collaboration as players work together to hone on the hackers. A great suspenseful game in a portable package you can take and enjoy anywhere.