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Watch out for Styracosaurus, a "spiked lizard" dinosaur with a nose horn and a horned frill. This prehistoric giant roams the plains and woodlands, as well as pillow forts, ball pits, and piano lessons. Favorite foods: Ferns, palms, and brussels sprouts (if you're not gonna eat 'em...). The Styracosaurus figurine is ready to stomp into the Schleich Dinosaurs collection of kids ages 4+.

  • Detailed & Authentic. Ever feel like your living room is a Jurassic jungle? We get it. The Styracosaurus from Schleich Dinosaurs is so lifelike, even playrooms feel prehistoric in its presence.
  • Limitless Play, Limitless Stories. Enjoys grocery shopping, trips to the hair salon, and unicorn tea parties. Because why not?! Like all Schleich toys, the Styracosaurus figurine believes in letting kids’ imagination run wild.
  • Tough & Durable. Built to withstand epic battles, harsh climates, savage siblings, and other extinction level events.
  • Build Your Dinosaur Toy Collection. Part of the Schleich Dinosaurs collection, which includes dozens of realistic dinosaur figurines and dinosaur playsets for hours of imaginative play and storytelling (each sold separately).
  • Great Dinosaur Gifts for Kids! Unlock a lifelong love of storytelling and discovery – a great gift for dinosaur lovers and future paleontologists ages 5 and up.